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Find my book recommendations below. All are warm-hearted tipps about books I truly loved when reading and that I still use a lot for my work as coach or in my workshops.


Die Kunst sich selbst auszuhalten. Ein Weg zur inneren Freiheit.

Michael Bordt SJ (2013)

Stef's Essence

The book I recommend to all my clients for the first step on the self-discovery journey. A book about self responsibility and how to use self-reflection & -perception as tools.  


Reinhard Friedl (2019)

Stef's Essence

An entertaining book about a heart surgeon's life, about the fact that the heart is more than a simple pump and the astonishing connection between heart and brain. 


Burn-Out kommt nicht von Stress allein. Warum wir wirklich ausbrennen – und wie wir zu uns selbst zurückfinden.

Mirriam Priess (2020)

Stef's Essence

Burnout stems from inner and outer conflicts – and the lost dialogue with yourself. A recommendation from my friend Alex Grosse.


Do Pause: You Are Not A To Do List

Stef's Essence

Do pause. It is good for you. There are many tools and methods available – and some don't take longer than one second.


The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology that Fuel Success and Performance at Work

Shawn Achor (2011)

Stef's Essence

1000 studies have proven the effects of happiness on success, wellbeing, everything.


Schnelles Denken, langsames Denken

Daniel Kahnemann (2016)

Stef's Essence

Your brain has two operating modes: a) fast (most of the time, very intuitive mode) and b) slow (for wicked, hard problems like what to wear in the morning) 


Human Design: Entdecke die Person, die Du wirklich bist

Stef's Essence

The standard reference for human design. Very good starter book, easy explained.


Rhetorik ist keine Kunst, sondern kein Problem: Einfach eine gute Rede halten

Michael Rossié (2020)

Stef's Essence

Probably very good. Haven't read it yet. But if the book is anything like Michael, this book ist more than excellent.


Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams

Matthew Walker (2018)

Stef's Essence

If you don't read at all, this is the one book you should read in your life. Sleep influences everything. Just everything. Get these 8 hours of sleep and respect Walker's 12 tipps. A recommendation by my former colleague Arndt Roller.


Die 4-Stunden Woche

Timothy Ferriss (2013)

Stef's Essence

Cut the crap that eats your time and realize your own business ideas – including the best tipps for getting an assistent in India and how to become an expert in a month.

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