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Welcome to Stef's world of endless possibilities!

Hi. I am Stef. Restless explorer of the world, business and life coach, ex-BCG business builder. 


My vision is to support you on your discovery journey to your true self – be it through exploration workshops with other curious, like-minded people or in personal coaching sessions. 

Exploration workshops

 Discover yourself through a universe of possibilities, packed into small bites of unique experiences with like-minded, hungry people

Personal discovery & growth

New Yeah 2021

Starte 2021 voller Fokus, Klarheit und Zufriedenheit – mit Hardy Smiezek

Ein 8-Wochen Explorations-Programm durch deine 6 wichtigsten Lebensbereiche. Verstehe, wo du unbefriedigte Bedarfe hast und warum du manchmal unglücklich bist. Und wie du das in kleinen, machbaren Schritten ändern kannst. Auf ein neues, glücklicheres und zufriedeneres Ich in 2021!

Dream Life I: Vision Creation

Create a tangible vision for yourself to inspire your path into the future

Stuck in your current life situation without an idea where to go next? Listen to yourself through a day-long guided self-exploration tour that helps you create an inspiring, clear vision that brings back the sparkle in your eyes. Visualize your dream on a tangible vision board to excite you, to lead you into your new future and inspire all of your actions.

Who am I?

Discover 5 perspectives on who you really are – with human design practitioner Kristin Mitschke & others

Ever wondered why you think, behave and function the way you do? Get to know yourself better through five new lenses, combining traditional and cutting-edge profiling systems that will bring you the aha moments you long for – including MBTI, Human Design and Strengthfinder. 

Dream Life II: Vision Realisation

Put your vision into practice with small, bite-sized steps that fit your life

You already have a vision, but lack the ideas, tools or strategy to realiize it? Join us on a day long workshop that helps you break down your vision into doable chunks, supports you to plan the first steps, while considering your current life circumstance and the time you actually have to put your vision into practice. 

Detox Camp

A holistic detox journey over Easter

– with health coach Hardy Smieszek

Ready for some cleanse and purification of your body, mind and soul – including social media? Join us for a weekend retreat off the grid! Detox your body, nurture your inner goodness and purify your thoughts to listen and get back again to your true you.

Limiting Believes Remover

Say friendly good-bye to everything that's holding you back

Everyone of us is conditioned by their own experiences – from childhood to today. With these, we have internalized an array of limiting believes that hinder us from realizing our full potential. Get ready for an afternoon session on identifying your biggest limiting believes and letting them go.

Business coaching & work-life-sleep balance

Don't Burn Out

Level up your personal resilience and increase your work-life-sleep balance

Identify your biggest resilience gaps and learn effective prioritization strategies for work and life. Get to know and practice a set of diverse tools and methods to reduce stress and keep a healthy mind. A weekend workshop to upgrade your personal resilience and protect yourself from exhaustion.

Professionell Sprechen in Yoga & Meditation

Sprechtraining für Yoga - & Meditationslehrer – mit Sprecher-Legende Michael Rossié

Du möchtest deine Stimme als zentrales Kommunikations-Werkzeug professionell entwickeln? Wichtig ist zwar, was du sagst; noch wichtiger ist aber, wie du es sagst. Lerne die fünf häufigsten Sprechfehler kennen und wie authentisches und natürliches Sprechen im Kontext Yoga/Meditation funktioniert. Erhalte persönliches 1:1 Feedback von Schauspieler- & Sprecher-Legende Michael Rossié. Ein Wochenende voller Praxis, Humor und mit Zertifikat als Abschluss.

3C New Age Leadership

How to lead with compassion. clarity and radical candor – with Ewald

Fed up with old school managers who lead by objectives, outdated standards and task-focus without deep, personal and honest connections? Establish your own way of leading people with your heart, true listening and honesty, and lead by example to make a difference! 

The introverted leader

Strategies to influence the world around you while staying true to yourself

You are an introverted leader? Congrats! You bring a set of unique skills that the 98% of other leaders, called extroverts, don't possess. Learn how to make use of your gift to influence things into the right direction. And without adhering to the long taught paradigm by extroverts to "just say something" in meetings. If you tend to roll your eyes or sigh now, then this workshop is for you. 

Peak Performance Cards

25 cards that bring back 2h/day and push your performance to the next level


"I want you to thrive and live up to your full potential. Don't become your best version, become your truest version – the you that is closest to who you actually are." 



Ein wundervoller Workshop. Ich fühlte mich gut begleitet und habe viele spannende, neue Impulse bekommen.




Der Workshop war eine perfekte Mischung, mit so viel Liebe fürs Detail und perfekt abgestimmt! Ich bin sprachlos und sehr dankbar.



bei xy

Ich war schwer beeindruckt! Eine großartige Aufbereitung und Moderation!



Strategic Design Director 
BCG Digital Ventures

Gelungen, sehr holistisch und abwechslungsreich mit Anregungen in viele Richtungen! Die Meditation hat bei mir den Nagel auf den Kopf getroffen!

Questions? Get in touch.

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