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Explore. Evolve. Make it happen.

Are you ready to

  • listen to yourself?

  • explore your options?

  • tackle that thing?

  • get your shit together?

  • make the move?

Stef has coached countless high potentials on their professional and personal journey over the years – from entry-level to middle management. She has advised senior management up to C-level and lead numerous, diverse personalities and teams with compassion, clarity and candor.


Based on her diverse background and experience, Stef helps clients with a tailored toolset to overcome their fears, grow personally and get ready for their next career step.

Thrive and live up to your full potential! Do the work! Don't become your best version, become your truest version – the you that is closest to who you actually are. 

Key coaching areas



Image by Samia Liamani



Who you work with

Stef is a passionate and experienced people leader and personal growth enthusiast, bringing clarity, structure and a pull towards execution into your life. With a diploma in psychology, a master in system thinking and a doctorate in aviation engineering, she brings a hilarious bandwidth of scientific and business experiences that has made the jaws of one or another corporate C-level drop instantly – especially in her last role as venture builder at the Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures.


Being a fearless explorer of unknown territories, Stef has seen the world through many lenses – be it as multi-style yoga teacher, meditation teacher, reiki practitioner, bee-keeper, quail owner, interior designer, gallery manager, and many more. Not to forget her licence to drive horse carriages in public traffic. Some might call her crazy, she calls herself "fearless master explorer with a proven track record", always ready to dive into the next unknown territory.

What you get

For the last 6 years, Stef has founded ventures for the biggest corporates in the world at BCG Digital Ventures. Equipped with her MBTI INTJ "mastermind" personality, Stef can join the dots fast, gets to results even faster, while being a vehement warrior for work-life-sleep balance. Being an introvert and designer herself, her heart beats loud for venturing, the creative industries and the quieter fellows, but, having worked across so many industries and roles, she is happy to support all curious souls with a hunger to evolve and go beyond.

Stef's coaching style is inspired by the works of ancient stoic philosophers, buddism, cognitive science, by modern "philosophers" such as Simon Sinek and Gary Vaynerchuck and contemporary psychological work on happiness, performance, mental regulation and resilience as taught by Daniel Kahnemann, Robert Emmons, and Mirriam Pries. Stef is member of the self-healing circle by holistic psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera (Los Angeles, USA).

The Push to Move

Motivation, encouragement and a gentle, or – as needed harder – stretch of your comfort zones

Deep Connections

Truly caring & non-judgemental listening; interest in you as human being and backing you

Logical Structure

Acumen, structure, frameworks and order for your thoughts – something for you to hold on to

Humor & Science

Humor mixed with science-backed methods based on profound psychological and business expertise

Trainings & certificates in 2020/2021 

Teacher Trainings

Multi-Style Yoga Teacher
(RYS 200 Hours)


Meditation & Mindfulness
(20 Hours)


Yoga Nidra Teacher
(60 Hours)

Education & Certificates

Reiki Practitioner, 1st degree
(20 Hours)

Human Design
Living your design (12 Hours)

Mental Regulation
@Peacemakerschmiede (20 Hours)

Schema Therapy (20 Hours)
Institut für Schematherapie, Berlin

Selected companies Stef has worked for over the years

– as employee or in her role as business builder at BCG Digital Ventures –


Anthony Bandmann

President & CEO Volkswagen Credit Inc. USA
Volkswagen Financial Services

You were a true asset to the entire team and your contribution was more than valuable. I have received outstanding feedback regarding your involvement from many sides, including our brand partners at Volkswagen and Audi.

It was always noticeable and inspiring to observe your dedication to the project. I can ensure you that you will be missed.


Urs Rahne

Managing Director & Partner
BCG Digital Ventures

All your contributions to getting us (BCG Digital Ventures) to where we are deserve quite a book to be written. Full of chapters that provide the full story about where we come from, where we are going and the glue that keeps it all together. 

Thank you for raising the bar on so many occasions! Thank you for the passion and determination that you have shown, especially when things got tough! Thank you for being a role model in standing up, keeping us honest and addressing difficult topics! You will be missed!


Andreas v. Lochow 
Member of Advisory Board


Thank you for the short, but great time we had together at heycar. You were certainly one of the most important drivers for success. No matter what you are going to do specifically, everyone who has you on your team can consider themselves lucky. Both professionally and personally.

Ready for the next step?

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