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Resilience & Peak Performance –
Get your Work-Life-Balance Back with Enhanced Productivity

How to survive in a world that spins faster every day and where more is requested within less time? Learn the best strategies and tools to push your productivity to the next level. You will directly apply all tools in our workshop using your own to do list and calendar, you will assemble your personalized tool box and plan the next week with our proven peak performance blueprint, bringing together all key strategies and tools in a simple manual. Free up more time for yourself, your family and all your other exciting projects that want to be realized. 

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Too much work and too little time for yourself?

Understand your personal resilience level, learn how to do the right things at the right time, when to ideally interrupt your tasks and how to solve some things over night while sleeping – using some smart psychological effects.

Get to know how to do things more efficiently, how to get into deep work mode and how to initiate a state where you can realize your full potential – without procrastination!

You will directly apply all strategies and tools in our workshop, using your own to do list and calendar.

A lot of knowledge, well prepared, so that you can easy follow. The active exercises, where I worked with my to do list were super awesome! After the workshop I now start my week by defining my weekly focus, my daily goals and I work successfully with the Pomodoro technique.

Katja Kopatz

Manager of Transformation, Organization and Training, Mutabor (Hamburg)

Open Class Participant

I am so thrilled that I directly recommended this to my management! I no longer work over hours, I plan my time neatly and use so many of the tools every morning, such as batching my communication chanels. I always hesitated to do this training, because I didn't have time for it. In hindsight, I should have done this way earlier!


UX Designer
Sparkassen Finanzportal (Berlin)

Open Class Participant

Stef's Peak Performance workshop equipped me with an arsenal of productivity weapons to achieve more in less time. And, more importantly, I learned, that ambition and a healthy work-life balance is no contradiction but an interrelation.


Senior Product Manager, BCGDV

Open Class Participant

Image by JJ Ying


Your online workshop

Learn the most effective strategies and tools from the best productivity books from recent years combined with Stef's psychological expert knowledge and 6 years of experience working in a highly time-sensitive environment – at the strategy consultancy Boston Consulting Group

  • 6 hours condensed productivity knowledge

  • 5 strategies and 40 tools – incl. strategy cheat sheets, with a compact summary of all tools for each strategy area

  • Resilience check with areas for you to focus on

  • Numerous live exercises, where you will directly work with your current to do list and your calendar

  • The peak performance blueprint – an easy manual combining all key strategies and tools, helping you to plan your week

  • The comprehensive handout with all slides

Image by Jess Bailey
PP Überblick

English-Speaking Open Class

Sunday, June 20th

10 - 5.30pm

Early bird price EUR 139 until 4 weeks before, then EUR 159. The workshop will be realized from 6+ participants and has limited seats. 

German-Speaking Open Class

Saturday, July 17th

10 - 5.30pm

Early bird price EUR 139 until 4 weeks before, then EUR 159. The workshop will be realized from 6+ participants and has limited seats. 

Interested to join our workshop?

Hop on the waitlist and we will notify you once new dates for our open classes are in the making!

Image by JJ Ying


Over the years, Stef has tested, validated and applied all key strategies from the best productivity books – be it "Deep Work" by Cal Newport, "Getting Things Done" by David Allen, Stephen Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" or the "4 hour work week" by Tim Ferris. She has combined them with psychological mind hacks and her own proven tools, optimized over years. Now she wants you to profit from her experience – for you to have more time for all things that matter to you.

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