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Become the leader you wish to be.




Contagious energy paired with an inspirational can-do attitude. Providing clarity, structure and the most diverse outside in perspective you can get in a coach. 

Stef (45) is a co-active coach with a psychology diploma who helps leaders in the creative, digital and consulting industries overcome growth hurdles, enhance their leadership toolsets and propel their careers. She has coached and mentored countless high potentials and top talents on their professional journey over the years – from entry-level to middle management up to C-level.

Book your free, 45 min. intro session now. Get to know Stef, her approach and get all your questions answered.

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"A brilliant mind with a true passion for leadership and a warm personality – a unique combination that makes workshops and coachings with Stef an inspiring experience."

Heike Löffler, Chief Commercial Officer Lichtblick SE (Hamburg)

Co-Creation Retreat

New: Co-Creation Retreats

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Accelerate Your Creative Project and
Unlock Your Creativity at Our Exclusive Co-Creation Retreat!

Are you ready to take your ideas to the next level? Our Co-Creation Retreat is the perfect opportunity for creative minds and aspiring entrepreneurs to sharpen their visions and turn dreams into reality.

What you'll get


Clear Action Plan

Leave the retreat with a customized action plan to implement your ideas and achieve your goals.


Network Building

Connect with other creative minds and potential business partners who can help you advance your projects.


Motivation Boost

Leave the retreat with renewed energy, confidence, and motivation to pursue your dreams.


Refined Vision

Receive valuable feedback and professional support to refine your vision and present your ideas convincingly.


Personal 1:1 and Group Coaching

Benefit from individual coaching by experienced business and leadership coach Stef who will help you overcome obstacles and leverage your strengths.

But wait, there is more.

Join a vibrant community celebrating diverse ideas in supportive surroundings. Experience unique retreats held in distinct locations, each embracing its surroundings' unique qualities. Enjoy an intimate setting with personalized attention and a close-knit community with limited participants.

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Exclusive Experience

Immerse yourself in an inspiring environment that ignites your creativity and helps bring your ideas to life.

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Personalized Care

Enjoy an intimate atmosphere with a limited number of participants, allowing for individual attention and tailored support.

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Unique Locations

Experience unique venues specially selected to stimulate your creativity and provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Upcoming Co-Creation Retreat:
Green Creativity (Wedding)

Ready to Ignite Your Creativity?

Join us in this mindful and relaxing Garden Retreat: Enjoy our indoor spaces and explore our serene garden during the retreat. Move your creative ideas forward while watching the figs grow!

  • Date: Friday, 30.08., 1-6pm

  • Location: Gerichtstr. 37, 13347 Berlin

  • Limited: 8 participants only​


In her latest interview, Stef spoke about her life story and successes with STRIVE Magazine.


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Lead by example.

Starting in 2001, Stef draws on her experiences from a multitude of leadership positions over the last 20 years. Being an innovation leader and business builder, she has lead diverse personalities and teams with compassion, clarity and candor. Learn more about Stef's 5Cs of leadership or her career on LinkedIn.

"Thank you for raising the bar on so many occasions! Thank you for the passion and determination, especially when things got tough! Thank you for being a role model in standing up, keeping us honest and addressing difficult topics! You will be missed!"

Urs Rahne, Managing Director & Partner, BCG Digital Ventures (Berlin)

"You were a true asset to the entire team. I have received outstanding feedback regarding your involvement from many sides, including our brand partners at Volkswagen and Audi. It was always noticeable and inspiring to observe your dedication. I can ensure you that you will be missed."

Anthony Bandmann, President and CEO Volkswagen Credit Inc. USA, Volkswagen Financial Services (Herndon, Virginia, USA)

Never stop learning.

Stef's natural curiosity leads her many  ways: Having had trainings in schema coaching (Institut für Schematherapie Berlin), mental regulation (Peacemaker Alexander von Hausen), leadership (Simon Sinek), breakthrough transformational coaching (Christine Hassler) and last but not least co-active coaching (Competence) in 2021, Stef dove into becoming a yoga and meditation teacher, and getting a licence to drive horse carriages in public transport in 2020.

"Talking to Stef always comes with a rich dose of inspiration, unconventional ideas, and contagious energy. Afterwards you always feel like you want to do something."

Jasson Schrock, Design Leader, former Google and BCG Digital Ventures (Berlin)

"You will leave a session with Stef with a really good feeling and lots of positive energy. Stef simply does good."

Michael Ritter, Head of Market Pricing, Alstom (Paris)

"No matter what Stef is going to do, everyone who has her on their team can consider themselves lucky. Both professionally and personally."

Andreas Lochow, Member of Advisory Board, Heycar (Hamburg)

Celebrate diversity.

Stef comes with the most diverse background herself: Design/HCI (master of science), leadership/coaching (diploma in psychology), engineering (Dr.-Ing.), business (Industriekauffrau, IHK). This allows her to look at the world through many different lenses and to deeply listen and understand each person's unique qualities, talents and strengths.

"By showing great attentiveness to team members as individuals — each with their unique growth goals, motivations and styles of working — she has the ability to get the best out of everyone."

Juha Lindell, Lead Product Manager,
BCG Digital Ventures (Berlin)

"Stef's range of passions is insane: bee-keeping, chess, interior design, quails, baking, gardening. The newest addition: cultivating rare figs."

Katja Kopatz, Manager of Transformation, Organization and Training, Mutabor (Hamburg)



Thanks for your interest!



Stef offers co-active coaching online and in person. She has opened her coaching studio with a view in Berlin-Mitte beginning of 2021. 

Image by Teemu Paananen


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